Techno House Mixes

Thump: [a]pendics.shuffle “Aware Sequence Found Life” Album mix (2016)


[a]pendics.shuffle Mix for Decoded Magazine (2016)


[a]pendics.shuffle Mix for Clubbing Spain (2016)


[a]pendics.shuffle mix for Rolling Tuff (2015)

Dubspot Radio: Reverse Commuter Mix  (2014)

Magnetic Magazine: Reverse Commuter “Exposure” album mix (2014)


The Forumist Blog: Kenneth James Gibson Exclusive Adjunct Audio Mix (2014)


[a]pendics.shuffle “For Every Moment Of Triumph: Volume 3” Continuous Mix (2013)


[a]pendics.shuffle “For Every Moment Of Triumph: Volume 2” Continuous Mix (2012)


[a]pendics.shuffle FFWD DJ set (2011)


[a]pendics.shuffle “Dwellings For The Peculiar Ones: Adjunct Podcast Volume 2” (2013)


[a]pendics.shuffle Flight Deck Podcast 16.2 (2013)


[a]pendics.shuffle Live / DJ set (2011)


[a]pendics.shuffle Plasmodium Radio 134 Mix


[a]pendics.shuffle Plasmodium Radio 34 “LIVE at Love Unit March, 2010”